SWE ELA 2016

L: Overall, I was very impressed by … personal commitment to all things that SWE and engineering stand for – people, innovative and practical problem solving, responsibility, community engagement, especially supporting other women in engineering and outreach to girls as future engineers. Individual and team contributions are significant as recognized by previous prestigious awards. The letters of recommendation highlighted great efforts, specifically, her Model Twice, Move Once program demonstrates the attention to detail with technology supporting broader forward thinking. Lori is a great role models for all.

B: In the recommendations, … is described as an effective and proactive problem solver. She is well regarded by all and is seen as a key contributor to teams throughout the organization. She has been recognized for her efforts with grants and awards. Her community involvement and mentoring of college women are highlighted, as well.

J: … has demonstrated skill and leadership as a senior business development manager in the dynamic Asia Pacific market. The examples of her support of staff growth and community service are well regarded.

Sm: … provided a compelling description of her work in software product development and her role as a team leader. She has been recognized and selected for leadership development by her employer. Her community involvement in a number of important humanitarian efforts highlight a great perspective and application of talents in many areas with emphasis on helping girls.

V: Several recommendations describe …  as having a “can do” attitude. Several organizations have benefited from her technical leadership.

C: … is well respected for her work in implementing new quality programs that are recognized as being innovative throughout the organization. Her leadership has both financial and customer service benefits. Her community leadership transformed the lives of her softball team through participation in the Special Olympics.

Sa: Both at work and in the community, … demonstrates leadership and people-skills. The customer-facing roles and responsibilities necessitate team work and coordination across a large organization.

K: … has demonstrated her considerable leadership in numerous roles throughout the organization, as well as through SWE activities. Many of her initiatives have been recognized as innovative and adopted throughout the company. She has been selected to participated in a unique program for high potential employees. She is active in SWE, organizing numerous outreach programs and mentoring college engineering students, as well as serving in SWE executive positions.

M: Recognized as a leader and effective communicator, … has been given increasingly challenging responsibilities. She has worked to include and grow team members through innovative cross department events and activities. She is active in fundraising for important community support organizations.


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