challenge – back-end

Back-end component  – data base, extended programming? Language?

How about a coding assignment grader – source code input into a text
box, select assignment topic which determines list of tags to look for
in the code, check that all the required tags are present and provide
a list of found / not found and appropriate reply. reply messages.

Potentially more complex and could be helpful toward a global learning
project – user inputs information about games, curriculum standards –
these are presented to the user to connect so there should be some
standards applied to a game. Standards are connected to other
standards – pre-req/co-req so a path could be constructed from pairs.
Then display a list or map of games and standards based on selection
of a range or progression of standards. Data base of games, standards
and connections would be built over time. List of standards / games
would be better as the collection of data grows.


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