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DeAnza has been using Catalyst (Moodle) course management system for many years. It has been used by thousands of students and faculty.

Online Education Initiative, a project by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office has selected another course management system, Canvas ot be available to all Community Colleges in California. DeAnza will be transitioning to this new system in the next year. All faculty, regardless of course format – on-campus, online or blended/hybrid are encouraged to provide course materials and activities with Canvas.

Resources are provided to introduce Canvas and to show you the features and operation.

Canvas Overview (Students)

Canvas Student Getting Started Guide

Please note that the details for the transition to the Canvas course management system for DeAnza faculty and students are still in the planning stages.

As online learners and web developers, there is a lot here that is applicable to this course. If you are interested, look through the guide and/or watch the video.

You can also look at the faculty information as there is more information about course setup and more information about the options provided by Canvas that can be used to provide specific features appropriate to a specific course.

See what you think, both as an online learner and a web developer. Do you like the user interface? Is the information provided helpful? What questions do you have? What would you like to see that isn’t provided in the information presented here?


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