Mary, Musical Fountains, Tiger. Oh my….

Off to a great start. Flight on time. Nice passengers nearby. Mom and three little kids entertaining. Really. Mary waiting at the gate nice young man with parking services drove us to lower level to where car was perked. Stop at annual Festival of the Strawberry Moon historical reenactment of life in 1800s. Forfar Bridies for lunch with musical accompaniment. Driving tour of downtown Grand Haven river front, beach.. Home on the hill within sound of lake. Quiet time.

Off to the airport. Reorganize baggage. Comprehensive walk around and general familiarization. Taxiing training with castering nose gear. Getting the hang of it. Mary did first circuit. One go around for practice. Ok landing on next circuit. Enough for one day. Log .9 hours. One takeoff and landing. More tomorrow. Need to tidy up some loose ends and plan to head out Monday morning.

Shopping. Dinner at Snug Harbor on the river. Jackets, chairs and back to waterfront. Astronomy Club had a huge telescope setup to see the moon. Jupiter visible just to the right.

Famous Grand Haven Musical Fountains starts at dusk about 10:15 this time of year. Lovely show with lights, water and music. About 20 minutes. Good crowd.

Great day. Good start for this adventure.


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