The theme for the Air Race Classic 2016 is Collegiate Cross Country. The start and finish were near ERAU campuses in Prescott AZ and Daytona Beach FL. Other stops were the homes of other college aviation programs. Many of the racers were college teams.

The actual “finish” for timing recording purposes was FA83 – Orlando North in Zellwood, about 40 miles west of here. The owners and pilots at the airport were wonderful. They loaned us a shade tent, gave us access to the air conditioned lounge and bathroom, wifi and advice for dealing with the gnats (dryer fabric softener sheets – best if rubbed directly onto your skin, and yes, the unscented one seemed to work).

Finishers – 8 recorded Thurs. 41 on Friday. One dual fly-by – one of 4 for Mary Wonder during this race. One 2-minute period when 4 planes finished. At least 4 planes lined up on the road that parallels the runway or the hangers that are perpendicular to the runway. These were costly – adding 3-10 minutes to the final leg time. Several withdrew or did not start. Two planes with significant engine problems enroute – ladies are all ok.

Great party at Keith’s hanger, complete with 5 flights doing several formation passes. Special thanks to all the fly-over participants. The ladies were really impressed. Thanks to the Creekettes who performed two numbers. The slide show featuring all the Spruce Creek residents who had participate in the air races over the years was a great addition.

And a huge thanks to everyone, especially Deb, Monica and Monika for organizing this wonderful Wine and Cheese reception.


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