Mad Science Summer Santa

Great event by Mad Science Lab at the Oviedo Mall with the support of the mall marketing staff. Although the Christmas event didn’t start until 10, kids and their accompanying grownups were lining up well before that. Most of the kids were pre-schoolers, many babies in strollers, a few elementary school kids.

There were “Passports” for each kid – a piece of paper listing the six activities with space for stamps as each activity was completed. There was a goody bag for each family group. The activities were all Christmas and snow themes.

  1. Make snow – little condiment size plastic cups filled with “snow” (sodium acrylate synthetic polymer – same stuff in disposable diapers) to re-hydrate with water using a pipette.
  2. Sun-catcher ornament – top or bottom of a plastic water bottle with string loop, 6 cuts toward the center, kids color then the piece is heated to have the arms bend out and curl.
  3. Bracelet – red, white, green beads to string onto a pipe cleaner.
  4. Then the snow field – large area covered with “snow” and a snow blower filling the air
  5. MA+hnium were giving out frozen pops.
  6. Summer Santa in floral shirt, shorts, sunglasses and inner tube was available for pictures. Photo ops everywhere. And Christmas music that got the littlest kids smiling and dancing.

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