maybe you just have not gotten around to it

This just in… message from a student to me.
9:03 AM: Hey Ms. Taylor I was wondering why I haven’t been graded for Discussion 4, I believe i turned all the assignments? Maybe you just have not gotten around to it, I am just wondering. I will be looking forward to your response. :)

My reply…

It is 9am after a midnight deadline – have not gotten around to it ?? This is an very unrealistic expectation! Please be more considerate of my time before you start sending messages like this. You have interrupted my schedule – responding to student inquiries takes priority other other course related activities. I sincerely doubt that other instructors grade assignments in as quickly. ..

Am I annoyed? Yes! Summer schedule is really tight. There is a lot going on. Even so, this class is an important part of my day. Promptly responding to questions is the highest priority. Grading and providing comments and suggestions on individual assignments takes a lot of time. Then I review and grade 100s of discussion postings – I actually do read them all. Providing comments and grades are particularly important in online education, and there is no quick way to accomplish all this. So think about it.

You can reasonably expect replies in less than 24 hours for individual questions addressed directly to me.

Assignments and discussions are normally reviewed and graded with 2-3 business days. However, this may vary.

Late work may be accepted and late penalties will apply.

Any other questions?


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