Notice Listen Question

Notice Listen Question

Some interesting ideas

  • soft skills like communication, are really important but are not taught with the intentionality normally associated with “hard skills” like physics and engineering – authors prefer to call these “shift skills”
  • core soft/shift skills are Noticing, Listening, Questioning – these are fundamental to higher order shift skills like presentation and negotiation
  • employers, graduates say they need strong soft skills but aren’t very good at identifying what this means.
  • takes an engineering approach to figure out how to look at these soft skills analytically

This podcast talks about Noticing and a lot of other stuff. Unfortunately the format of these podcasts is annoying – show host talks too much and not well. But topics and guests when they get a chance to speak are really interesting.

These guys are engineering faculty who have been instrumental in examining engineering education over the past 20+ years. Mark Somerville has been involved in the founding and development of Olin College of Engineering – a really different engineering school – we know one of the girls who was in the first graduating class in 2006. She was one of the 30 kids employed as a Partner for the year before the school opened to work with faculty on curriculum development.

Some other ideas for school culture programs… “Student
voice” is trendy

I think these are already happening but they could be reviewed and extended

  • Formative assessment
  • Differentiated learning

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