css3, html5 and Thimble

For this assignment, include the older target windows – Willard p154.

Links don’t work from the Thimble viewer window. Once the project is published, and you view the share link, they work fine.

For target selector problem – short answer – Target selector is part of CSS3. CSS3 is beyond the scope of this course.

Better answer – works fine in the published version of the page.

Notes about CSS3

Support for CSS3 seems to be random. Browsers Chrome and Safari provide pretty good coverage. Others vary.

Thimble documentation says…

  • HTML5: Markup language for structuring and presenting content on the internet
  • CSS3: Cascading Style Sheet, used to control the style and layout of a Web page

Just for fun, try some of the CSS3 and HTML5 “experiments” in this post.

Some that don’t work or partially work will tell you what the problem is.


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