ftp: link example

Well darn it. Someone always spoils a perfectly good example of a practice problem.

Willard p.146 – FTP and Downloadable files.

Although it isn’t used much anymore, an HTML link to an FTP server file for download is an example of how versatile the web and web browsers can be.

Having gone through all the hassle of creating your Voyager account, downloading, installing and getting an FTP client to work, you can understand why a simple link from a web page to access a downloadable file would be nice to have.

For security reasons, it is difficult to find a simple example for students to include in their code. Rather than make it up, the one in the book was a reasonable alternative. Apparently even that has been compromised.

HTML5 – The download attribute specifies that the target will be downloaded when a user clicks on the hyperlink. See w3schools for browsers that support this attribute.

Most actual downloads are handled through programming in PHP or other server-side processing for additional security and validation – beyond the scope of this course.

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