What’s next…

Nobody saw this coming… having to deal with the new reality – Trump as president-elect. Actually, there was plenty of advanced notice, but few actually believed it could happen. Well, it is here, so get a grip.

Mauldin quoting Jeffrey Tucker says that  Trump’s election “represents a fundamental shattering of an old paradigm”.  People were voting “against a prevailing model of managing the world.”

But what awaits those who don’t get this “fundamental shattering of an old paradigm” thing? How will the parties regroup after this chaotic and divisive election? Will the new Republican-lead administration be different? Are they still “an anachronistic, arrogant, entitled, smug, conceited ruling elite and ruling paradigm”? What choices will they  make? What mistakes will they make? How will these policies play out? What proof that they aren’t more of the same will be accepted?

Mauldin’s Protected – thirty-somethings, born and educated in nice suburbs in California with great jobs just don’t see it this way. From their vantage point, life is good. Government has been doing a good job. It is important to help those who are less fortunate have a decent lifestyle, protect the environment, and defend oppressed peoples around the world. Their only experience with the health care system has been ER visits for various recreation-related accidents, covered by employer-provided medical insurance. The guy with the bad hair and bad ideas is a threat to society. The lady with a daughter their age spoke to them about a bright future. Why would anyone want to fix something that isn’t broken?

We’ll see.


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