Summary 9. Data collection – Forms

Summary 9. Data collection – Forms

Collecting information can be as simple as requesting comments from readers, or as complex as a final exam for an upper division college course.

Lots of great forms submitted! Forms are handy for all kinds of web sites. As users, we expect to be able to provide input, control the environment and have an easy way to specific information.

End of semester
It is hard to believe but we are almost done. This class has been awesome. The work has been great. The discussions have been very interesting and informative. And so many people have stayed throughout the semester. Online courses are challenging as you have to take on added responsibility for ensuring that you do the work.

There have been lots of good questions raised in the discussions. Thank you to all of you who took the initiative and replied to questions before I even saw the questions! Greatly appreciated.

Please check your grades – left navigation menu – down near the bottom. We are getting to the end of the semester, so now would be a good time to review your grades.

Assignment Grades
All the outstanding submitted assignments up to and including module 6. Sound, light & magic – Multimedia have been reviewed and graded. No more submissions for these assignments will be graded.

Individual projects
We are moving into individual web site projects. Learning to evaluate other websites is a great way to learn best practices. That’s why the site evaluation rubric activity is included here. How does your own website measure up? It is important to have the criteria beforehand so you have a target expectation. How good is good enough?

This is the best part of the course – seeing all the work come together. You know all the basics. Now the final step – putting it all together.

Although not required, consider working in one of the informal groups. Just having “someone” to share with, can be a big confidence builder. If you are asked, please offer feedback and suggestions. It is good for you to think about someone else’s questions and ideas.

Looking forward to the grand finale.


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