Spatial Thinking

High scores on mental rotation tests correspond to higher scores on math questions that involve geometry or story problems. And spatial cognition turns out to be a better predictor of success in engineering than SAT or GRE scores, for example.

Men Are Better At Maps Until Women Take This Course A bit of education can erase a definitive cognitive gap between men and women.

Can Teaching Spatial Skills Help Bridge the STEM Gender Gap? Hold, Build and Sketch 3-D Objects: Sketching 3-D objects improves students’ mental visualization and rotation skills. Have children build an object out of blocks and then sketch it. Then have them rotate the object and sketch it again. Recent research also suggests that “holding an object in your hand seems to help you visualize it

Developing Spatial Thinking sample video resources available as of August 2016 to support the Developing Spatial Thinking curriculum. Video resources include mini-lecture presentations that introduce each module in the curriculum and narrated videos that show how to draw rotations of spatial objects.Students can watch the videos as they work on sketching exercises in the course workbook.


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