mts – r u sure?

tmi – too much information is something that we have recognized as a problem in this age of instant access to zillions of online resources and intimate details of “everyone’s” lives shared on social media.

Too little information can actually be worse. Darn. I hate when that happens.

Case in point. Casual plan to accompany friend to airport as she is not too familiar with the area and the trip. Text arrives “Pick you up at 11 Mon”. Ok. Then email from other project with an invitation to participate in an important meeting at 3. Ok this is still going to work, so arrange to car pool to meeting so now 3+ people involved in that plan. Then, next text message – leave at 12 as flight we are to meet doesn’t actually arrive until 1:30! Arg! Now there is no way to do that and make the 3pm. So cancelled airport trip by text. Nice text back – ok will get along without you. …

I didn’t ask what time the flight arrived when we talked about this originally in person. I have no idea what the estimates for travel time, pickup, route … were. I didn’t follow up on the first text to get more details. It was pretty specific, so I made a bunch of assumptions about trip and schedule (which were bogus as it happens). I didn’t check before involving others in follow-on plan. There wasn’t any slack in case the plane was late. Flight was coming from north east in February – likelihood of weather delays is probably 80%.

These things have a way of working out. Sure hope so, because this was a definite CBB.

Update: Actually works out ok. Talk in person, real time by phone – soo last week, but gets this cleared up. No problem. Doesn’t actually need help. Kind of an adventure to go alone. Yes, it would be nice to have a visit, but we can do that another more convenient time. Good reminder to be a bit more careful about checking details along the way. Texting is handy. Need the facts too.


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