get over it, move on

Hello, people. This is over. Done. Pull up your big-girl panties and move on. You guys too.

The education system world wide doesn’t work. It isn’t possible for there ever to be enough “good” teachers to “teach” every kid on earth and there never will be. Every kid can learn to learn. Every kid can have access to support for their learning journey. Inner cities in “developed” countries, rural working poor, kids everywhere regardless of income and infrastructure, … There’s an app for that. Or there will be.

If half as much time and energy when into solving this problem as wining about “the problem” and the people with whom you disagree for any reason, the world would be much better off by now.

The Global Learning Xprize is promoting solutions and is prepared to put their money behind it. Nothing like some friendly coopetition with serious money behind it to get some action.

This is one of the best kept educational secrets on the planet. If you want to do something, do something useful. Promote the Global Learning Xprize. Or, even better, contribute time and energy to be part of the solution.


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