speed week

e5de9342Well, that was interesting. Working for the Speedway in Guest Services for 5 days – Fri, then Thur to Sun. 12+ hour days. Thousands of questions from fans. Great people in all areas. Worked closely with Fan Crew – Stadium for the Florida Hospital Injector – Level 100. Massive operation. Logistics pretty smooth – employee parking, buses to stadium, checking, uniforms, briefing, daily information sheets, communication throughout.

Good weather, though cool. Heavy rain earlier in the week so Lot 6 rather than Lot 10 used for employee parking Thurs and Fri.

Where are these seats? Where is the tram to the FanZone? How do we get to this suite? Is there any gluten-free food available? Yes, a couple of places at the far end of the stadium, tacos, nachos, meat without the bun. Coffee? Yes but few laces. Mixed drinks? Yes but limited times. Ice cream? No, although there are some frozen fruit things. Ear plugs? Yes. Smoking area? Yes, though not easy to find and NOT in the “usual” locations by exits.

Surprises? Smoking – very small, poorly indicated areas where smoking is permitted. Lots of places where smokers expect to be permitted to smoke but are not smoking areas – open entrances, even level concourse. These are NOT marked as no-smoking, even though smoking is prohibited. People were pretty good about moving away but very resource intensive to enforce.

Lots of nice people from all over the US. Some international visitors. Some “over beveraged” individuals, though not as many as experienced staff had indicated.

A few minor medical issues. One women transported  from the area by EMTs.

Yes. it was really LOUD. Ear plugs were distributed before each shift.

Bugs. On Level 400 there were no-seeums or something similar, necessitating relocation of many fans on Sat.  Pest control in Sat night. Better on Sun.

Sunday race was sold-out. New scoring system with stages. Points for places 1-10 at each stage end – usually 1/4, 1/2 and end. Someone suggested that this would result in 3x the crashes – coming up to the end of each stage, not just at the end of the race. Several crashes with may of fan favorites knocked out early in the race. Lots of Jimmy Johnson fans left after he was out.

Memo to self. Even though Bellevue out of employee Lot 10 to Williamson was fine on Sat night, it was awful on Sunday. Clyde Morris was clear all the way, even through the Beville intersection. Nice to be home, feet up and dinner ready. Thanks.

Very interesting to see the inner working working of managing 100,00+ fans, 1500+ staff, vendors, racing teams, neighbors, city resources. Fortunately no really serious emergencies that required evacuation, or emergency personnel and resources.



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