3. Text / 4. Links


  • Announcements are posted regularly. These are posted and linked from the course Home page
  • These highlight important course related information.
  • Be sure to read these or you will miss changes and updates to course assignments.

Reviewing discussion posts

  • Read the description, follow the link and look around.
  • If you have a question or something to add to the discussion, you can reply to the post.
  • Otherwise a reply is NOT necessary. The discussion is a handy way to share links to interesting sites.
  • Visiting many different examples of web sites, web-based applications, online tools and current technologies is a great way to learn more about Web Development.

NetTutor – Discussion

  • DeAnza is making NetTutor online tutoring available to all students through Canvas. A link has been added to the left navigation list.
  • Check it out. You will have to agree to usual conditions. Then there is a list of subjects. Online tutoring is available for all of these. Depending on the time of day and the subject, there may be tutors available for 1-to-1 “chats”. You can leave questions anytime.
  • This is a graded discussion.

Link description summary posts

  • Keep your posts brief. Usually 2-3 sentences should be plenty to provide a summary of an article. Your description should be a “trailer” or “teaser” to get someone to want to visit the site and view the entire article or page.
  • This an important skill to develop. It is much more difficult to write a great short summary than it is to just copy a big block of information or write a lot of words.
  • Let your reader decide if they want to go to the link you recommend. Their time is valuable and they need to be able to view the original source of the information and make their own decision about the importance and relevance of the link.

Coding assignments

  • Keep your coding assignment pages simple. Just include the code required for the assignment.
  • Keep content to a minimum. If you are developing content for a planned web site, save that in a separate file.
  • Clearly demonstrate the assignment requirements. Please do not include a lot of code that is not related to the assignment.
  • You must include some of you style information in an external style sheet file. Thimble provides the style.css file and a link to it when it creates a new project page for you.

Coding Challenges

  • If you want to try things that are not part of the coding assignment, that’s GREAT.
  • Create a separate page and work on the code these.
  • You can post a link to your special project pages to the Coding Challenges discussion.
  • Check out the links and provide feedback on pages posted here.


  • Check the Discussions page – link in the left navigation menu.
  • Ongoing discussions are “pinned” at the top of the page.
  • Check for new postings to existing discussions.
  • Check for new discussion topics. These may be added throughout the course. Usually there will be an Announcement as well.

3. Text : A few words – Summary

  • Interesting, thoughtful discussion posts, article summaries
  • Generally good work being submitted.
  • Lots of good examples in the coding assignments
  • Using external style sheets appropriately. Keep working on style. There is a lot to learn.

Good week, everyone!

4. Links : From here to there – This week

Links are the “hyper” of Hypertext in HTML. Navigating from one page to another is one of the most important features of the worldwide web. Making it pretty and interesting beyond plain black text on a white background was an after-thought. Pictures, audio, animation and video were not in the original design!

This week, work on:

  • add links to other web pages
  • add links to sections within the same web page
  • add links to email address
  • continue to practice using external style sheets and expand your understanding of how these are essential to professional web development

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