4. links – Voyager

I love it when you find your own solutions to your questions!

Voyager is not an application. It is DeAnza’s student projects server. Every CIS can create an account that they can use during the semester of their CIS course. Each account includes a predefined directory structure that includes a directory that is publicly accessible via the internet. This is where you will “put” your .html files. These files will have web address.

To put files into your Voyager account directory, create a Voyager account, then use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) app like Filezilla to move your files to the appropriate directory in Voyager.

If you are new to UNIX and computer science, this can be somewhat confusing but this is how the internet works. This may be the hardest activity in the entire course until you understand the basic structure of web access to individual directories and files.

If you are stuck, please ask questions. In an online course, that is the only way anyone knows you need help. There is lots of help available. We just need to know where you are and what you need next.


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