examples, models

Looking for ideas for projects benefiting girls and women, technologies for leadership collaboration and learning

SciStarter: About Us
“SciStarter is the place to find, join, and contribute to science through more than 1600 formal and informal research projects and events. Our database of citizen science projects enables disc…
Home | Global Woman’s Leadership Network
“Goal: 10 million digitally linked economically empowered women and girls to mobilize a billion more. Proposed Solution: The CIP three-pronged strategy, called a Reinforcing Loop (with multipl…
Mountain Children’s Foundation » Our Projects
“Child Participation and Education – Supported by Himmotthan and the Tata Trusts – A new program being rolled out in 20 villages of Ghat Chamoli. The focus being Child Participation and ch…
What We Do | Mercado Global
“Mercado Global is unique in its focus on change from the ground up: we provide education, tools, and access to international markets so that women can build their own businesses and invest in…
Positive Steps | National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.
“The Positive Steps Program is a mentoring program for young ladies that focuses on personal growth and development, cultural enrichment, and social development. Positive Steps affords young w…
Stackup – Get Credit for Reading Online. Build your Personal Learning Profile. Join challenges, win prizes.
“Track Your Stats Stackup securely measures your time learning anywhere on the web. Then it automatically scores and categorizes that time into 60 subject areas – from Aerospace to Zoology&q…
“What is EduMatch? We use the power of social media in order to help foster collaboration and connections among educators around the globe. We understand that relationships are the foundations…

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