6. multimedia, mid-term feedback

The coding assignments are great with lots of interesting topics covered. I’m learning a lot!

Thanks for all the great feedback, questions and suggestions. Here are some replies and some notes about the discussions.

  • News and information – Check the front page of the course for Announcements. These include course updates, information from DeAnza administration and summaries of the previous week.
  • Basic HTML is pretty simple, but there is a lot more going on and we try to cover that as well.
  • HTML code checker – By now, there shouldn’t be any general HTML coding errors in assignment page files. Thimble highlights some error automatically. There are other web sites to use.
  • Obsolete – Over time, people have needed more features so HTML changes, and better ways to do things come along. Some of the old stuff isn’t necessary any longer and is “obsolete”. It probably works but you should be more current.
  • Detail in instructionsThe assignment explanations are plenty for about half the class. Others need to learn to find answers online and to ask questions for more information. It is impossible to guess where everyone will need help. Providing too much information is extremely confusing.
  • Responsive site design, nicer lookOnce you have learned the basics, you can use great looking templates that someone else created. Many of these are optimized for each device type and automatically activate the appropriate layout.
  • Broken links – Please let me know if a link doesn’t work. The TA (me) checks most of them but I appreciate your help pointing them out if some are broken.
  • Job skills – Check the job listing sites – Monster, Indeed, etc. There is a wide range of requirements. Some are really graphic design jobs, others are mostly programming and software development. It depends…
  • Discussions are relevantAre you looking at the web site design, information presentation and aspects of user interface like navigation when you access these other sites, online research? The discussions are important so that you can evaluate many different web site designs, and user interfaces as a user. These are as important as the content.  
  • Less discussion, more coding – Many of the discussion post are much longer than necessary. A link and 1-2 sentences is fine. These are summaries or brief descriptions. Also, “Review” just means look at the resources – you don’t need to post a comment unless the activity description specifies that a post is required. That will take less time and allow you to focus on the coding assignments.
  • Canvas discussions are a mess – Discussions are important for all online courses including CIS89A. Canvas doesn’t provide many options. This seems to be the least bad way to handle discussions in Canvas. The only other option is one discussion per topic, 5-7 per module. If you think that would be better, let me know and we can try that.
  • Canvas in other courses – Canvas is new to DeAnza. If other instructors have good ideas for using Canvas in their courses, please pass them along. There is lots to learn.
  • Study groups – How do you use study groups? Is it important to all be online at the same time? Do you want a Hangout with audio and video? Messaging or chat? You can try these within the assigned groups or you can create separate groups just for those who want to participate.
  • Online tutorials – With such a big range of experience within the class, no lecture is going to be appropriate for most of the class. There are so many great tutorials available online, providing links to several works pretty well.
  • JavaScript, programming interface – We will be covering some basics in the Forms topic and in the Web site module. These are beyond the scope of this course. There is a separate JavaScript course. Some of the programming courses like Python address interactivity if you want to learn more.
  • More discussions geared toward programming – There is a discussion for advanced students to use. No one has posted anything this semester. Post something to get the discussion started.
  • Coding assignment page – It is ok to keep adding to your page if the assignment is easy to find. Change the title so there is an indication what assignment you are submitting. Better to just create a new page for each assignment.
  • Time management – Activities are all relatively short to allow you complete one or more each time you have some time to work on the course assignments. The activities are numbered to help you keep track of the work. You can do most of them in any order. If your time is limited, focus on the coding activities.

Coming up next –7. To the point – Lists

Lists are everywhere. Space isn’t a problem on the web and much of the information on the web is text. Using lists for text increases readability and helps viewers skim text for what they are looking for.


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