7. Lists & 8. Tables

8. Rows and columns – Tables

Tables can be used to display numerical information – like a spread sheet. Tables can also be used to make web page content look great by providing a neat way to place content on the page.

Many of the CSS functions have replaced some of the ways developers used to abuse tables for page formatting. If you think you need to have tables within tables, you need to find another better solution. Tables are still very useful so learn to use them effectively and appropriately.

7. To the Point – Lists

The coding assignment pages are looking very professional. There is attention to detail and the code is easy to review.

For those who want to go beyond the requirements for the module, you can come up with your own coding challenges. Create a separate page for each and post a link and a description the the Coding Challenges – discussions topic.

  • Resize images, custom bullets – Always resize images using an image edit application so that the browser just loads the image in the space provided. The image and the page will load very slowly if the image has to be resized during the page  load process. This is very sloppy amateurish web development.
  • Code for assignment – Please limit your submitted page to the information for the current coding assignment. It is difficult to isolate the code for grading with all the other content included.
  • Viewing page source –  “Remix” only works for Thimble pages if you have a Thimble account. This is a special Thimble function which creates your own copy of the page source file in your account. Everywhere else – Your browser shows the source HTML for any web page with the developer tools built in. In Firefox, from the Tools menu in the top menu bar > Web Developer > Page source. Other browser have something similar. In other browsers this may be called View source.
  • Link to your coding assignment page – Remember to post a link to your coding assignment page in the discussion. Everyone likes to see the work of others. This is a great way to learn the basics and new ways to use the basics. Thanks especially to the early posters. If you aren’t sure what you need to do for the coding assignment, and would like to see some examples, check the discussion and follow the links to the work of others.
  • Check your grades – Look through your grades and check that you have complete all the activities for each topic. If you didn’t get full points for a discussion or a coding assignment, look to see what is missing or incorrect. You can fix these and resubmit. Please note that late submissions are accepted for partial credit.
  • Canvas grade calculation – If you missed an assignment, it may not be obvious. If you received full points for everything you did submit, Canvas says you got an A. If the assignment you missed was worth 10% of the total for the course, you would  have 90% – that’s a B because an A is 95% or greater.
  • Canvas app – If you are using the Canvas app, you may be missing important course information. Access the course from a computer to ensure that you are seeing all the assignments and grades.

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