Last day of CIS89A is TUESDAY June 27, 2017

Reminder: Last day to submit work – TUESDAY June 27, 2017

10. Site Plans

Most of the submissions for Module 10. Site Planning coding assignment missed the point of the requirements.

Single page plan / outline means provide some details about what will go on each of the pages in your site – more than just the page names. What is the purpose of the page? What will the visitor see and do? What course topics will be demonstrated on each page? Will there be internal style information provided? You saw how much work went into planning the Tate Kids site. This assignment was your opportunity to think carefully about your site requirements, show that you are thinking seriously about your project and have a plan for the work to complete this week. Half the work for a site should be in the planning.

head, meta, keywords, description – The information in the HEAD element of the HTML page provides information to search engines and browsers even though site visitors never see this information directly. This is the META information, specifically KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION along with TITLE and stylesheets.

11. Project and 12. Peer Review

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important topic for web developers. Getting noticed by appearing near the top of search results is really important. A new discussion activity has been added to Module 11 to cover this critical component of web development. Most people missed the head meta requirements. SEO wasn’t explicitly covered previously and it should have been. (SEO will be covered earlier in the future.)

Show what you know – Be sure to check the Project grading rubric. This shows how your project will be graded. If there is a grade for something, be sure there is a good example within your code in the context of your site.

Reminder: Last day to submit work – TUESDAY June 27, 2017

Extra Credit

Other Great Resources – If you find other really interesting resources that relate to the course that were not directly included in another discussion activity, post them here along with a brief description. News and updates about web development, internet security, interesting humanitarian uses of the internet,…

Getting Started Survey1. Getting Started Survey. This is a separate Google Form. After you have answered, you should be able to see how everyone else has responded. These are the same questions that are in the separate surveys in Module 1. Canvas does not let students see the results from the surveys. It is more interesting if you get to see what others answered. We will see if this is an improvement.

Course wrap-up

  • Check your grades

Reminder: Last day to submit work – TUESDAY June 27, 2017


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