Launching Innovation in Schools

Seriously?@! I was really enjoying this course until I reached the end of the first module. There is a “checklist” (read gate, roadblock, authority imposition). Participants are required to say yes, you did ALL the assignments and provide written feedback or you may not proceed. I thought I just had to answer all the questions – so No I didn’t do an assignment. Turns out Yes is the only acceptable answer to each of these questions. Why are you asking me now, at the end of the first module? I don’t remember. Some I did if they were interesting. Some I didn’t. I signed up because I am interested in the topic and I might learn something interesting and important. This is an open course with good material and interesting participants. And then this… Arg.

These folks sooo don’t get it. In the activities and discussion about innovation in education they even talk about what is important to the learner and how things need to change and how to make innovation happen. Many of the comments from the participants recognize the importance of the learning in course and had thoughtful suggestions.

EdX is not my favorite platform. Lots of small annoying “features”. It doesn’t track where I have been so if I come back after several days I can’t see where I have been. I actually cared enough on this course to devise a work-around for myself. There is a “bookmark” feature so I have been bookmarking pages as I view them. If it has a bookmark, I’ve seen it.

One of the participants pointed me to so it is a huge contrast to be going through the OpenLearning course building course at the same time. The whole point is “What can I do as a course developer to keep learners engaged and participating as well as working on the learning objectives?” Discussions are more interactive and social. Lots of images. And Yes, OL tracks where I have been, thanks. And No, I have not completed all the assignments and it is still ok continue.




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