“Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant,” — quote from Steven Anderson (@web20classroom), from What the Tech!

c. Who is an educator that has had a tremendous impact on you in your career that you met through social media or have dug into their stuff from afar? Why did they have an impact?

George and Stephen – no question. Having followed OLDaily from the earliest days of online teaching and learning, the original open online course CCK08 was an opportunity to participate in a new adventure. More than just an online course, the whole idea was to explore new and different ways to learn in an online environment. This structure provided so many options.

When the SAMR model came along later, it was interesting to see how participants in their own ways had chosen as stage and used it within the course. The academic all congregated to discuss weighty issues in 1000-word essays in academic-speak. Others – lurkers, occasional commenters, leading lights, all tried out new and different ways to see where online learning could go and how it could be used for all sorts of wild and crazy notions for the future of education.

Stephen developed tools as needed to facilitate the process and support the community of learners. The automated daily email was a wonder – using scaleable technology to support global learning. A real MOOC before the term was invented. Mash-ups – harvesting blog posts, tweets, Moodle discussions to produce a timely email newsletter to share forward and keep the conversations going. Twitter – who knew that this apparently vacuous self reporting tool would become a mainstay in the educators’ toolkit.

Thanks to you both!

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