Teaching Resources | CMC – California Mathematics Council
online resources were selected as examples of sites that are available online for educators to use to find lesson ideas, online projects, movie clips, and/or interactive games/activities to use
Math Resource Reviews
tap into the most powerful feature of OER: the ability to freely adapt and redistribute materials.
Inside Mathematics Collection Resources | OER Commons
Illustrative Mathematics Collection Resources | OER Commons
Washington OER Project | OER Commons
The OER Project is creating a collection of openly licensed courseware and engaging in an awareness campaign to inform school districts about these resources. The Project has developed a review
MATH 9X – Elementary Algebra
An introduction to algebra covering solving and graphing linear equations, polynomials, factoring, and rational expressions
MATH 107 – Math in Society
9 topics: Problem solving, voting theory, graph theory, growth models, consumer finance, collecting data, describing data, probability, and historical counting. Additional optional topics are provided
STEM Literacy | OER Commons
Find teaching materials that will help build interest in all students, regardless of their college or career pathway, to understand the role of STEM in their lives and to become informed citizens
Open School BC | K-12 Resources
eTextbooks: Kindergarten to Grade 12 These free resources are designed to support teachers and students. Download the PDFs to Use as a course textbook Get more practice in a difficult subject
Free Online Textbooks, Flashcards, Adaptive Practice, Real World Examples, Simulations | CK-12 Foundation
100% Free, Personalized Learning for Every Student Create digital classrooms, customize textbooks, and learn K-12 STEM concepts.
You’re a Researcher Without a Library: What Do You Do?
You’re a Researcher Without a Library: What Do You Do?Investigating solutions for frustrated scholars, nonprofits, independent learners, and the rest of us. The world of publishing is evolving
Teachers Give Teachers | HyperDocs.co
At the heart of creating HyperDocs are all of the collaborating and sharing opportunities. Lessen your workload, be inspired by other’s ideas and share your lessons by joining Teachers Give Teachers
Other OER libraries and resources | TESSA
Other OER libraries and resources Here is a collection of useful links to other open educational resources.
Understanding OER | OER Africa
using existing OER and releasing their own materials with an open licence, and consequently, the number of OER being shared has increased exponentially.
Teacher Education in Africa – Online Course
Making Teacher Education Relevant for 21st Century Africa Play your part in transforming education in Africa – get teachers ready for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.
Creating an E-Portfolio | OER Commons
“simulate a scenario where they have graduated and are preparing themselves for the workforce.They will be reflecting among themselves to identify the experiences, character traits, goals
OERu MediaWiki to WordPress Snapshot Toolchain | OERu Technology Blog
“One of the OERu’s most compelling technological capabilities is the set of internally developed open source tools that allow us to automatically transform and inject a collection of Media
Exemplary Collection of Open eLearning Content Repositories – WikiEducator
For this exemplary collection the focus is on best practice examples:
Student Course Downloads
This page is for certain courses where the instructor has adopted an open educational resource (OER) which is freely accessible, openly licensed documents.
How Teacher-Created Free Online Resources Are Changing the Classroom | MindShift | KQED News
“Students chose how they were going to display how they were going to master those standards through projects,” English said. In the final products, students demonstrated their learning

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