course organization

Canvas doesn’t make it easy to structure a course like this. Consider this a work in progress as we have only been using Canvas for a few semesters.

The course is organized in Modules that are sequentially numbered in the order they are due.

Each Module is introduced on the course Home page as it is the “current” module for the next due date. There is a link to the Module header. The “next” page in the Module  is the Assignments page for the module that describes all the activities.

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Use the next / previous buttons to step through the module activities (bottom of the page). Use the Modules menu to see the lists of assignments and discussions that go with each Module – collapse and expand the list as appropriate.

Having a separate “discussion” for each topic was suggested by students last semester. They thought this was a big improvement, even though it makes the list of items in each Module really long.

This is NOT a conventional lecture / test course. We are trying out things that are not possible in an on-campus class. Consider this a challenge and part of your learning experience. Let me know if you have suggestions. Your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for hanging in there and figuring out how this works.



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