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Faculty who have little or no experience with online teaching or learning* are transforming their courses into online education. Even with support from their organizations, this is a huge undertaking and responsibility with minimal preparation time or resources.

It won’t be perfect. Just do your best and get on with supporting students learning the best you can with what’s available.

These are open resources for faculty from organizations offering online learning. There are probably thousands of other resources, many that are “better” than these. This is a start AND the resources list will improve as better resources come along.

* This transition is especially difficult for faculty who have not experienced online education as learners themselves. A lot of effort is wasted by faculty trying to replicate the in-class experience when this is inappropriate for online learning. Supporting and facilitating online learning requires rethinking “teaching”.

WikiEducator tech mashup – save resources in diigo with descriptive text and tag for collection. In WikiEducation “create” the page with the rss feed from diigo and the tags, to produce a nicely formatted list of the links with the specified tags. Using the RSS Extension, the page is recreated from the current rss feed every time the page is displayed. Copy and paste the list into WordPress to retain the snapshot of the list. As more resources are accumulated, the WikiEducator retrieves the current list. Copying off the list and saving it has proven to be very effective in managing curation.


PoRTAL: Purdue Repository for online Teaching and Learning | Purdue University Innovative Learning
“digital repository is the go-to resource for anyone interested in online teaching and learning. Are you thinking about moving your courses to an online format? Are you already teaching online…
Teaching Online at CGS | College of General Studies | University of Pittsburgh
Each faculty course developer will work jointly with a teaching and learning consultant from PITT’s Teaching Center to create the course within Blackboard. For more information about course dev…
Faculty Resources
The Online Education Center supports faculty in the development of online and hybrid classes with training, support and the collaborative development of online learning policies and procedures.&quo…
Guidelines & Policies
AccessibilityBy law, learning materials, including interfaces, images, sounds, multimedia elements, and all other forms of information, must be made available for use by anyone, regardless of disab…
Online Education Initiative Course Standard Rubric
An online course rubric can be valuable in planning the development of a new course or improving an existing one. The De Anza Online Education Center recommends using the comprehensive Online Educa…
Open Educational Resources
digital repository is the go-to resource for anyone interested in online teaching and learning. Are you thinking about moving your courses to an online format? Are you already teaching online and l…
Chickering and Gamson – Center for Instructional Technology and Training – University of Florida
explanation of each of the Seven Principles of Undergraduate Education as well as examples of how an instructor may apply the seven principles in the development and instruction of all courses incl…
Teaching Online and the Seven Principles for Good Practice » Center for Innovative Learning
Many technologies and online tools lend themselves to promoting good practice in teaching and learning as described by Chickering and Gamson. The table below is a brief list of examples along with…

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