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Open Education

  • online teaching and learning, open educational resources (OERs)
  • engineering education – K-8, girls, teachers, informal educators, after-school – k-8, engEd
  • Global Learning Xprize – development, Android, HTML5, K-3 mobile apps, xAPI

Global Learning Xprize

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In my world, any barrier to curiosity and self-directed inquiry learning can be a total turn-off. Far better that learners muddle through or figure out to ask for help and/or back-track. Kids hate being treated as “kids”.

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The Global Learning Xprize program is encouraging the development of open mobile learning solutions supported via low-cost power-efficient tablets.

These have to potential to provide millions of children who would not otherwise have an opportunity to learn to read, write or do math, necessary to become participant in a global future. With support of these tools, many more children can be supported by the currently inadequate number of teachers and education professionals. With this support kids can help one another, too, significantly increasing the effectiveness of there programs.

  • k-3 – kids are early learners – regardless of age, they are learning to read and write, and learn basic math skills – resources, games, activities, apps
  • glxdev – Global Learning Xprize development – curriculum, repositories, application development, tracking, recommendation, individualization
  • html5 – open interactive content